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Friday, June 24, 2005 


Why does love hurt so much....

Everyone wants to fall in love. Why? Do they not know that with that love comes the chance for a broken heart? Any time you put yourself out there to someone else you put your feelings at risk. Armed with this knowledge day in and day out people still fall in love. ARE THEY JUST CRAZY.

How can people claim to "Love you" but treat you like shit. Why do we treat the ones we have loved for years like a friend? Why do we stay? What makes us think because they say " I LOVE YOU" that its true.

Now, I am not bashing love. When its good its WONDERFUL but it can be one-sided many times and the hurt from that takes many, many years to get over.

You know I have asked myself this question many times only becuase there was a time when I really, really thought I was in love, but as I grew older and wiser I realized that I really didn't know what love felt like, so now in my current relationship I say to myself "why don't I feel the way I did when I thought I was in love? *The Answer* I ( and most people) live in a fairy tale built by their imagination, others or by what they see while growing up. I realized that I really didn't know what love was or felt like. Now that I am grown I realize that love is OVER RATED! and now understand for myself that love means having a partnership with one or more people where you are able to share responsibilites, communicate, trust, and in hard times got each others back if possible.
P.S: I actually had so much to say, but you would have been reading for days. Great Post I loved it! *see love can be used in many ways*

@ mecrazyme--- Good point, Love is overated! Thanks for the feed back

elo, i agree totly with u! ive just come out of my biggest and longest relationship and i am still hurting. i recon the hardest thing at all is "to watch some one u love, love some one else!" u seem like uv also experienced pain through love and strangley its helped me, the fact im not goin through it on my own! even though it feels like it. any way all iv got to say is ur spot on, and if people read this b4 falling in love it would help them. safe if u wana chat i got msn or mt email, nuaty@hotmail.co.uk katie

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