Tuesday, June 28, 2005 

Only 3 ?

In the movie "A Bronx Tale" the character of "Sonny" tells " C" that you only get 3 great loves in your life. If that is true than Im done. Having been "in love" 3 times according to this movie, Thats it for me.

The first of the 3

I was 14 he was 15 and I thought I would love him forever (of course I did I was only 14 what did I know) some may say it was puppy love but when it ended it hurt like nothing I had ever felt and I was heartbroken.

Second- He was the guy that was very shy, never said a word but spoke to me with his eyes ( ok that was way over the top lol) Our relationship was short but very intense. I saw a future with him but life threw us a "curve ball" and things between us ended with out much warning :-( "sigh" Im still not over this

Now to my husband- I knew the first day I saw him he was for me. I was going to have him and I did. There was just a mystery about him that I just had to crack. To this day I am still trying to figure him out.

But now my question is, Do you really only get 3? What happens if things with my husband don't work out am I screwed??????

Is that it? will I never find "Love" again?

Monday, June 27, 2005 


Sex is good
Sex is fine
Doggy style or
Sixty nine......

Yes sex is wonderful but why is it that when you not "in the mood" you get the look. The WTF? look. Like there is something wrong with you. Why cant we just say " not tonight honey" with out that being the start of world war III.

You see when women are having issues, that effects the rest of us. If your having problems and work, issues with the kids. or your in a serious financial situation, that effects your ability to relax and therefore be " in the mood".

Not men. They could have the cops at their door to pick them up on a warrant and they still want to get some. Now Im going to say it WTF? Why do you act like your the only person in the world not getting it tonight? STOP IT !!!! Move on cause if you keep up this attitude the next time you'll see it is CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


Friday, June 24, 2005 


Why does love hurt so much....

Everyone wants to fall in love. Why? Do they not know that with that love comes the chance for a broken heart? Any time you put yourself out there to someone else you put your feelings at risk. Armed with this knowledge day in and day out people still fall in love. ARE THEY JUST CRAZY.

How can people claim to "Love you" but treat you like shit. Why do we treat the ones we have loved for years like a friend? Why do we stay? What makes us think because they say " I LOVE YOU" that its true.

Now, I am not bashing love. When its good its WONDERFUL but it can be one-sided many times and the hurt from that takes many, many years to get over.