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Wednesday, July 26, 2006 

Sex Education

Sadly I had this conversation at work. Expierence Vs. Stamina. What's your preference?

In all things sex I think everyone has a preference. Whether it be bigger, thicker, longer or whatever you want what you want, but can a someone who is significantly younger than you be as good in bed as someone who maybe has a few more years to them. Do you want some one older who maybe doesn’t have the stamina he/she once had or do you want someone that can go all night but the sex is blaze.. Quantity or quality.

I personally want a “master” if you will. I want someone that knows exactly how to please even if that means it may take him a little longer to “regroup” as appose to someone with the stamina of a teenager but I would have to “tutor” In the various parts. Some women don’t mind teaching but for me I don’t want to go through all that. Maybe when I get older I be more incline to teach but for right now Im good being with some one that knows the ropes. Now don’t get me wrong Im sure that there are some “youngster”( if you will) that know what there doing, but for me I just naturally connect age with experience. Now this may be wrong but its my blogg and I'll say what I want. LOL

Have you ever had sex with someone significantly younger? What are the pros and cons?


How come everytime I come here you're talking about sex?? You are the only person I know with straight SEX-ON-THE-BRAIN!! DANG girl!!! HAHAHHAHA

I prefer experience. I've dated guys younger than me a few times and I couldn't get past their lack of experience. When I'm tryin to get my swerve on, I dont' have TIME to TEACH yo ass SHIT!! You betta already know how to make the kitty purrrr...lol...but that's just me!

HEYYYYY, I don't always talk about sex. Ok Ok I talk about it alot but thats not always! LMAO

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Age ain't nothin' but a #######!


I've had older dudes that have no clue and younger dudes that make it seem like they were BORN to do JUST that AND vice versa. So in my opinion age doesn't determine experience. I guess I prefer experience to stamina is what I'm trying to say.

Heck yeah Mshim...

I'm with yah... I want a "Leroy" (Last Dragon Style) in bed.

With experience, who cares about stamina.... *wink.*
You can get the job done quicker or longer; his/your choice.

Bk Babe

You did a post about sex? This is so unlike you . . . LOL

Stamina? Hell naw, I prefer experience! I mean who cares if they can screw all nite if they don't know what to do to take you over the top.

Its interesting that you post this about the age, because I'm dating someone younger than I am right now. We haven't gone there yet but I can't wait to see. I've always dated older guys, so this is an interesting and unexpected change.

If size is out of the question then I'd have to say I prefer experience. If it lasts for 2 hours and you're bored 2 minutes into it then that's no good.

i like experience with stamina dont!!!! Its for abetta ride and drive !!!!!!!!

It's all about quality!

...Got me thinking about sex this early in the morning...

That's a good question, I may have to bite that and post it on the messageboard!

Love your blog.

Say hi sometime if you get a chance

The Message Board


I love experience. Doesn't matter with the age.

But I have found that if I deal with someone who is YOUNGER, and HAS the experience. . .Then he ends up saying something that pisses me off.

I think that sex is not a act, more than it is an art. Sure, sometimes you get down to the durty durty, but for the most part, it's an experience that is worth having. I know everybody has to start somewhere, but I sure would rather have a doctor that has performed pap smears a thousand times than an OB-GYN fresh out of Med School.

I'm just sayin.

You all are funny as hell....Well...I'm a brotha with mad experience....Saw my first porno at around age 7. Being a guy...I prefer a female with experience.....however....not one that I have to worry about being a major "HO" if you would. One that knows exactly when to swallow or not when the fluid is reaching it's threshold. One that knows what her spots are and isn't afraid to tell me so that my wish of "aiming to please" is granted. There aren't many women out there that are experienced to my satisfaction.

Age plays major part in it. In my case...I'm sort of a freak of nature. I have been having sexfor a long time. I have had experiences with multiple women as well as being the conductor on a trains. So I can say that I know exactly what is it that a woman needs physically as well as emotionally. I have been with women that are nearly 20 years older than myself. They left thoroughly please and ravaged each time. I had to work at it though. One thing you must consider and it is probally the most important....you probably won't get anything out of a sexual encounter if its with someone that you have absolutely no connection with. The two of you have to be connected in some way in order for the sex to be amazing. Even if it is a one night stand that turns out to be a long distance relationship. Whatever that way is is your bidnez. I HOLLA!

Nothing wrong with a little sex talk girl!!!

Personally I have not been with a younger man, nor do I care to. At 26, I'm looking for experienced suitors ONLY! He has to know his way around a woman's body for me to be down.

I have always been attracted to older women... When I was 19 I had my first older woman (it was my college suite mates mother she was 42) and since then DAMN !! I have had women my age and a little younger but I always gravitate back to the more mature women. My experience with younger women has been like this.... If I can do something sexually to you that has you scared and not breathing F**k that I dont need you. I also thrive off of reaction, the mature women tend to react (if you will) more than the younger women. But that's just me..to each their own.(check out my post titled Reciprocation)

i haven't heard a yung'n....i don't think it would make a difference...woud it?

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