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Friday, July 14, 2006 

Indecent proposal

I happen to catch this on cable the other night and it got me to thinking about how much I have change my view on this issue. This movie came out around the time my husband and I got together and I remember having this long discussion with my friends when ask would I have sex with someone for a million dollars even if I was married. Then, I said no…. well actually I said HELL NO! I love my man and that would cause so many problems and its just not worth it.

Today I see things very differently. Would I do it today provided all safety measure were taken yes here’s why. I’ve learn through my relationship with my husband that love is love and sex is sex. Can you have sex completely devolve of any emotional ties … yes. My heart belongs to him. This act would be just about my body and over in less than an hour.

I know that it would always hang over our heads and may even be the source of some friction but I doubt it! The beauty of my relationship with my husband is that we are always honest and open about everything in our relationship…… and if he leaves I’ll at least have a million dollars !LMAO.

Have a Great Weekend!!!!!

"and if he leaves I’ll at least have a million dollars"

That was too funny. Honestly, I don't think I could do it...

We have four kids. and they are growing up so fast everytime we turn around one of them needs something. So I say, HELL YEAH!! I'd do it too!!! lol

and you are too funny but so true, because hell you'd be finacially stable once he bounced..I love that!

HEll YEAH I'd do it.........and i would wnat him to do the same if it was offered..we need the money

and its TAX FREE!!!!!!

First time here....Boy this is hard. But a million bucks is a million bucks....I'll get over it every time I look at them 6 zeroes in my account balance on the regular...um yeah, wifey, go ahead and bone the rich white dude...and when I get married, my wife will be so bad that she'll probably make dude buss in 3 or 4 pumps anyway. LOL.

I don't think I would be able to do it. I could not stand the thought of my husband having sex with someone else reguardless of it he loved them or not. I think it would change our marriage forever and not for the better.

Hello All,

As a Therapist I had a family who went through this sorta kinda. but U must remeber that the rich dude had the wife for one nite, one long nite and that he may have given her the business as people would say. Now u have a new problem. also as married couples he(the husband) is entitled to half...dont forget that piece.
Yes i heard the whole I could do it for the money piece but what if is was in reverse....could u handle it... The thought always will remain in your mind like in the movie WAS IT GOOD, WAS IT BETTER THAN ME. Real shit plus u only have a million this dude is filthy rich. she can leave u for him or vice versa. I hear stories like this often.

Who do I make the check out to? ;-P

Ok. on a more serious note, I'm the exact opposite. When the movie first came out, I was like "I'd do it in a heartbeat", but now I wouldn't do it. I'm sure someone reading this doesn't believe me, but I can just tell in my gut that I couldn't go through with it. I look forward to the day that I can find someone to settle down with and when that moment comes, no amount of money would be able to make me risk my marriage.

I couldnt do it b/c i know it would lead to the end of my marriage. We are both way to jelouse to be able to deal with that. My hubs would always wonder if dud was better than him, if i enjoyed myself. aAnd if i did enjoy myself i am sure i would dream about what life would be like with rich dude..Cuz million dollars doesnt go as far as a billion dollars that dude has :)

Oh, I just looked at my comments. My myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/mizec

I'm different because when that movie came out I was like no amount of money could make me do that...but now...after 22 years of marriage, I might just do it, not so much for the million but if he was fine...just kidding. I would talk it over with husbie and if we agreed, I would go for it. The economy is too bad and that would be one way of giving us a little peace. Plus we could travel somewhere romantic and I would make him forget I did it with another guy. But true this: wouldn't that be an ego enhancer for a man to have a wife so fine someone wanted a million to sleep with her. My husband would probably walk around with his chest stuck out.

This is a real tough one, i think the fact that being married would make me think even harder cos it is like selling your body even if it is for the sake of an hour but 1 MIL is a big chunk of CHANGE!!
So at the mo as i am not married it's tippin on the money side!

I'd do it too!


It's real easy to say what you would and would not do. Until the opportunity presents itself.

Now, I am the inverse. When I was younger, I was like Hellous Yeah!

But now, in my dirty thirties, I'm like Hellous Maybe, leaning towards the no side.

But If I was facing a repo, no utilities, and harassment from creditors, who knows whether or not I would take the apple from the serpent.

how about for a hamburger and a Coke and a NY State lottery ticket? Will that work?

I dont have a husband (shew **wink) but if I did - YES I would do it. I know that when I do have a husband the LOVE I will have for him will be so deep that if we decided together for 1 million dollars that he or I would do it, it wouldnt change our relationship for the worse.

Keep up the good work »

Keep up the good work »

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