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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

Some people collect baseball cards others collect stamps I collect shoes.

Some people may say that I have one to many shoes But do people say that about collecting stamps? I don’t think so. I love shoes (read Heels) and more important l love sandals. The higher the heel the sexier the shoe in my opinion. I like strappy sandals and I love colors.

Yes, I am that chick that wears heels on a regular. I am the one at the Bar-b-q with the 3 in heels. I can’t help it. I feel my sexiest in heels and I am a slave to fashion, I will wear shoes that are uncomfortable as long as they look good. I realize that I have a bit of an addiction but it makes me happy! My Friends know this so for my birthday what did they get me? A pair of 3 1/4 in hot pick shoes (see Below) it was the best birthday I ever had just based on the shoes! LOL

I know I cant always afford the shoes I like and I accept that but it’s my only vice! My name is Msnhim and I’m a shoe addict!

Dont even worry about it girl - I think the group your in is one of the largest in the world and I happen to belong to it =D. I love shoes too BUT not uncomfortable ones - my feet are perfect and I will not let a shoe or anything else ruin that. I love me feet, I love my shoes! Shoes only make my feet look even better (I guess if that is possible, hehehehe j/k) My name is Rhonda and I too am a shoe addict!

Hi Rhonda (like we're in a real meeting lol)

I too am a shoe addict. This weekend alone I think I bought 4 pairs of shoes. I love sandals, heels, loafers I don't discriminate. I will buy the same shoe in different colors LOL....

My Name is Honey and I.....am a shoe addict.

Thank you

Hello Shoe Additcs, my name is Nicky and I AM SOOOOOO NOT A SHOE ADDICT or a blogger LOL, Msnhim is my sister (by choice) and that biatch has a problem with shoes! Fuck addict she has a SUPER HUGE DEPENDENCY..... ROFLMAO anybody who buys a shoe and knows that they will then have to go and buy something to match because for some strange reason the shoe is in a color that only the mastermind who designed the shoe knows, buys them they have A BIG PROBLEM.
I still love you hermanita.
*ducking from the daggers being thrown at me by all of Msnhims fellow shoe lovers*

My name is Luvin Me, and am a shoe addict.

I have been a part of this group foe a long time. I don't think there is any help for us...But you know what they say, you have to want help to get it...

Hi, Msnhm.

The first step is recognizing you are an addict.

I, too suffer from the same addiction, and as your blog-counselor, I will give you the twelve steps to success.

1. Leave your visa debit card in the car when shoe shopping.
2. Leave your mastercard debit card in the car while shopping.
3. Don't shop when angry or happy.
4. Don't look at the pretty shiny ads in the paper beckoning you to come by.
5. When you do go shopping, put blinders on so you can't see to your left or right.
6. Leave the peer pressure friends at home.
7. Stay away from the 12 hour sales.
8. Have a distraction (cell phone, blackberry, a man) that will divert your attention.
9. Find another hobby.
10. Stay away from other shoe addicts.
11. Leave the discover card in the car while shoe shopping
12. Leave the AMEX card in the car while shoe shopping.

We are here to help you.

nothing wrong with being a shoe addict...by the looks of my closet at home...wifey has curbed her addiction too...lol..

My name is Melinda and i am a show addict.

I use to be like you and wear heels all the damn time, however they became impossiable to chase my EXTREMELY ACTIVE youngest boy around in. When your only 5'2" any height i can get is good so i long for the day that i will be wearing heels atleast 5 days a week, especially since i have so many that have not seen daylight or moonlight in TOO damn long!

Hi girl,
I am a confessed shoe addict, and the worst thing is i used to work in a shoe shop. The one problem i used to have is however much i earnt when working there half of the paycheck would go on shoes. It is madness, i worked there for 3 years and in that time i accumilated over 50 pairs of shoes.
So ladies - my name is xxS*Bxx and i am a SHOE ADDICT. My boyfriend told me when we move i have to leave some of my shoes...
I don't think so somehow, maybe i can leave him behind and take my shoes. lol!

Good post girl (if you like colours i will try and upload a pic of some of my sandals they will drive u nuts)

take care


I am a sucka for shoes...whats worst is everybody be like u have too many shoes....ME i dont think I do.......i love HEELS too...i just bought some cute Nina Purple Snakeskin heels like the ones u posted for $12.75 @ Filene's...all the summer shoes are going on sale and I cant wait.....

I'm with you on this one. I am such a shoe addict that I buy at least two pairs a week and if I miss a week purchasing for me, I take my daughter. I won't go over 3 inches though. But I just got this thing for my feet always looking good in a nice pair of shoes. Unfortunately I bore with them quickly and give so many away to my sisters and mom.

Talking about shoes, i just cleaned out all my shoes. I had close to Ninety pairs, but after the 20 pair of bedroom slippers I had about 80 something. Out of that 80 I was onl y able to donate about 7 pairs, so don't feel bad.

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