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Thursday, July 20, 2006 

My weapon of choice.... SEX

There are not many things I can do to really piss my man off… He is very mellow and not easily bothered by most things but when I really want to pissed him off and get my way I withhold sex. Now as much as I like sex I have been called a Nun in training for my ability to go long periods of time with out it. Its not something I do all the time but when I really want him to see just how angry I am I do things that get him excited ( like sleeping with no panties) then I tell him I’m not in the mood. Is it wrong?Maybe, but after 13 years together he still caves every time.

So what’s you weapon of choice to get your way?

yeah i'm 1st!!!!

I am not good at withholding naked fun....I loves it 2 much!!!!!! Now I have been known 2 starve a negroe back in the day!!!!! Or not wash ANY of his clothes!!!! I will go on LONG.ASS.STRIKES.ON.YO.ASS!!!!




I am working on this, because I now know that guys don't respond to this, but I give the silent treatment.

The silent treatment is not intentional. I usually internalize many things, and then by the time I'm super duper pissed, then I'm seething, and he doesn't know i'm about to explode. When that happens, it only makes matters worse.

I've found that asking guys open ended questions usually resolves and solves the problem.

Closed ended: You made me mad, you know that, right?

Open Ended: I was really hurt when you said you didn't want to come to the fair with me. Why didn't you come?

Just dropping by and takin notes.

and it always behoves (i know i killed that word) me...that woman withold sex knowing they enjoy sex as the next guy...

It's in a females nature to withhold sex. Ever since Womens Lib came about...females have been empowered to just that thing that they have been wanting to do forever....withhold the "chat" in an effort to give a brotha a bad case of the "blue balls." I fya ben witcha man that long...you oughta be ashamed of yourself. On the other hand...he must enjoy getting pissed atcha because he's still around. Me.....I wouldn't stand for that...I would have to add to Les chroniques de l'amoureux brun! Peace!

Wow, that is bad! I found that when I was upset I really wouldn't want to have sex, so it wasn't witholding in my mind, it was that he had been a jerk and when he acted that way I had no desire to be with him.
I can't help but think ahead 40 years and you pass away that your hubby would look back, knowing exactly what you were doing and laugh a bit and think of how much he would miss having you around to play silly games.

That is so not nice. You should be ashamed.

well i use lots of weapons, not cooking, not laughing at his jokes, and yes the withholding of sex..every once in awhile. BUT unfortuently nothing really works with my hubs. I also don't stay mad for very long. I try but i just can't keep it up.

Everyone has their own means of vindication..But I strongly reccomend not to withold the goodies if at all possible..especially is this is relationship that you value and definitley for mo more than a week. One of my favorite sayings is "I can show you better that I can tell you" with that said.. withold if you want to...the mind of man is weak as is his flesh.

Hello Ms Him,

I understand many many women do this to men but remember if he does not get it from u he can get it somewhere else. crazy but true so be careful in the things u do>

LOL....this is wrong on all levels.....thats the worse right there....you want to talk about a temper tantrum?

I withhold sex too..lol

With the childrens father I used to "try" to withhold sex but it never worked cause he would just go get it from someone else - hence the 7 children he has! HA I guess the joke was really on him, hehe

I won't even look at the person if they are talking...just walk away as if no one was there.

*one day I fear I'mma catch a shoe to the back of my head*

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