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Monday, July 24, 2006 

I Love you !

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  • I tell my kids and my husband I love them everyday and I know my family knows how much I love them, but today I want to tell my sisters (by Choice) just mow much I love them.

    My Baby sis J

    I met you in college the first day and we were always cool but the year you started working here is when we really connected. As you know things were all kinds of crazy with my life. I told you things I have never told any one, including my husband and you didn’t judge, you just listened. I’ll never forget that. You where there when things were great and cause for celebration but you were also there when I had lost all hope and desire to continue. You were there to give comfort even when I couldn’t be comforted. I love you do death baby sis.

    My Big sis Nico

    I met you at work and from the first day we hit it off. It wasn’t to long after we were sharing in-law horror stories. You were the friend I didn’t expect. I didn’t know that I would come to trust and love you like my sister. You have been the “voice of reason” when I didn’t really want to hear it and the accomplice when I needed you to have my back. Always available and never judge-mental you are the person I go to for Life experience. You are the shoulder to cry on and the ear to listen and for that you will always have my loyalty.

    I share a bond with you two that I will never share with anyone. You two are my sisters; know that I will always be here for you and that I love you guys with all my heart!!

    Aww I love u too sister girl. How do I start, you have been like a big sister to me from the beginning. You have been there for me through my roughest times especially last year. I kinda see you as an guardian angel that came to me and will always be with me until whenever. Is because of you I believe deep down inside that I am alive today. You gave me hope when I didn't really have none. I know i made seem easy and acted like everything was ok when I was sick but one of the real reason why i was ok was because you were by my side helping me get through things and saying that everything is going to be ok. I will always always love you for that and apreciate all of the things you have done and still do for me. Ok no more cause I'm going to start crying again. Nico baby I love you too. It's also because of you I belive that im ok today and everyday. You made me laugh when I needed it the most and you also showed me love when I barley even knew you. You are a beautiful person with a big heart and that's why I love you too like my big sister. That's one thing about me I know how to pick my friends. Not sure about men though. LOL

    Are you purposely trying to make me cry at my desk???? I love you both of you guys too, I don't know what I would have done without you 2 this past year, which was a rough one for me damn come to think of it for all of us especially Jopa. I have to say that each and everyday I get to spend with you both is a blessing. I know that when I'm with you 2 the days are going to be filled with much laughter. So to both you I say "I LOVE YOU TO DEATH TOO."

    @ J ROFLMAO at your men comment, you are off the chain....

    Does anyone have a tissue. You give me the business about getting all emotional on a Monday morning and you go and do this. It's all good though. Glad you were able to let your girls know how you feel about them. I've had the pleasure of being around the three of you (BTW, when are we going back to the Fat Black?) and its not hard to tell how close you all are. I hope that's a bond that you never lose.

    Aww...you all are so sweet!

    I am addicted to the words "I Love you". I say it to everyone I talk to all day long! My mom is the worst. We send emails to eachother at work talking about how much we miss and love each other!

    Good post.

    Yea never waste a day with out telling atleast someone that you love them! Sister friends are the best :)

    AWWWW...I need to call my girls!!!!

    Spread the love girl !!! See the Brothers are not gonna be telling each other that (which is actually a shame) Inspiration has struck, I am gonna call my guys back home (deep South) and let them know how much I uuhhhh APPRECIATE them..

    Beautiful. Men do it differently. We call and say "Just wanted to see what was up"...Same meaning, different way of saying it.

    Sisters rule. I have four!!!!!!!! Loved this. Very sweet.

    This is really nice, sweet, thoughful, and original.

    I have just recently learned, this year, that the family ties of love and sisterhood don't mean blood. Listening to your words, there is a familial connection to these folks that you love that will never be broken.

    Interesting enough. All of this leads back to character. Everything that you talk about regarding them and they you, all leads back to deeds and expressions of love. Love is an action verb, it's not a feeling, and all of you have demonstrated, how very much you love each other.

    Good Post.

    Hey ma...Im just making my way around blogland at all the inspirational tributes going around. ITs overwhelming and I love my blog fam for the love and support. I am at peace now. In a better place than i was a year ago. I am mvoing forward and progressing with my life. Im glad I touched you in a good way of course although it was a sad post for me. But it felt good you know. I tw as weighing heavily on my heart with they 1 yr anniversary approaching. I made it through. I visited his mother and received her blessings. SO in the meantime, I going to move on and keep living my life to the fullest with no regrets. and tell everybody near and dear to me that I love them.

    Just a question, did you have to mention the Horror in-law stories that were shared? I mean damn I did stop blogging, but I am an in-law. No need for apologies, just wanted to share my thoughts. Love ya.

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