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Monday, August 21, 2006 

One-sided love

Loving someone that doesn't love you is like reaching for a star, you know you'll never reach it, but you just got to keep trying
- Unknown

I was reading 1inthesame’s last post and then I came across this quote. To me it was too much of a coincidence so I thought I’d write about my own one-sided love.

He was everything I wanted in a man. Spontaneous, Romantic, ambitious etc. With one fatal flaw… he wasn’t in love with me. Now, notice I said in-love, cause I know that he had love for me but being in love with someone and loving them is different.

Now, I thought I was doing everything as a girlfriend I was supposed to. I was sweet, supportive, spontaneous and loving. I thought we were perfect together but for reasons that I am still unsure of to this day things change. I could tell in his eyes that the “love” was gone and even though he kept telling me the contrary I knew what I felt in my heart.

Now this didn’t stop me from still wanting to be with him on the contrary it made me want him more. I guess it’s the “wanting what you can’t have” scenario. God, did I try and try with him but sadly my love wasn’t enough. That experience left a sort of whole in my heart to this day and although I found the love I was looking for in someone else I still wonder why he couldn’t love me.

Ever love someone you know didn’t love you?

GRRRRRRR this thing has messed up my comments 2x now...as i was saying I dont know what LOVE is....Nobody but 1 person has TRULY shown me what it is. I think i been in that situaiton 1x where somebody didnt LOVE me but I tend to LIKE somebody more than they LIKE me...thatll happen alot more. I ca't say or feel something if i dont know what it is and I don't know anybod ytaht is worthy of my LOVE.

Great post!!! But guess what we have all probably been on both sides of the fence. The guy/girl that really liked you and your friends or family new he was right for you but u just never felt that spark. you hung out etc etc. Its life it happens. its human nature to try to make some one like and/or love you. But hey all we can do is learn from these lesson called LIFE. These lessons are real, difficult, easy and complicated at the same time. Yes it happen to me as well.

This is a topic most can speak on extensively.... It is hard on both parties the person who is doing the loving because they are probably feeling vulnerable,and the person who is not returning the love because they know how this person feel about them and they do not want to hurt them.
I have been on both ends of this spectrum..and they both suck.

Girl... I have been on both sides of the fence, and sometimes I feel like I am in that position, but that is just my mind playing tricks on me.

Yeah I've been on both sides too....but I was more guilty of being the one who was loved and not loving in return. That feeling was bad enough even without having felt it from the other side.

I have also know both sides...

It's not easy being in love with someone that is everything you want and have them not feel the same about you!!

Then again..... It's not easy having someone love you and think you are everything they want and you don't feel the same about them....

It sucks!


Love is definitely the gift and the curse. Just like most everyone else, I've been on both sides of it. Hell, I'm on both sides of it now. You can't help who you fall for or who falls for you.

BTW, nice seeing you on Saturday

It seems this situation has happened to all of us in different ways. You can't control anyone's feelings. I wonder can we really control our own emotions? Can I control whom I fall in love with? Can I control the bastards I hate?

I don't have the answers...I will countinue living to see if the answers reveal themselves to me...then I will let you know.

I haven't experienced this yet, the whole not having my affections returned but I bet it would piss me off.


Yes, I've been in this situation twice. It won't be happening a thrid time. But at the same time, people have loved me (I guess it was love) and I just didn't feel the same way about them.

Love hurts period and especially when you love someone after the love is gone (song playin in my head now lol). I did that and it took me visiting him, talking about another chic while he thought I was sleep to snap me out of that. I still love him but I'm not in love with him. He's one of my closest friends.

Love..How can something so damn wonderful in essence be torture too!

Anonymous was me!

It's sad, but yes, I too have loved a man that didn't know how to love me. For a while I wondered what I could have done to make it better, then I realized, it was just him, and there was nothing I could do to change it.

Yep, I sure have. And I feel like I may be going through that now.

i dont know y it feels so right when its so wrong when in one sided love. i cant understand myself, i cant trust my feelings no more. i always thought the people who are in one sided love were sad and miserable ppl..never thot it cud happen to me. reassuring it has happened to many people.

going through it...been together 3 months...split up before xmas because I knew he could never feel same...him or me?...commitment phobia?..who knows?

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my boyfriend and i used to be so happy. we used to not care about what other peopLe say about us. i Love him, he Loves me, that's aLL that mattered. months after, he began to change. when you know and accepted someone with aLL your heart, you can aLways teLL when he's not the same person anymore. so i toLd him that i Love him but im tired coz im starting to beLieve that our reLatinship's a one-sided Love. then he expLained everything to me, and toLd me that i am wrong. and he toLd me that he Loves me so so much.. and..
i beLieved him.

Love is Like this

hiOne sided love is like 2 parellel lines which never intersect at any point.... but we still try try n try .... its so unfortunate to fall in love with someone who doesnt love you.... I love a guy since past 5 years n I know tht he is in love with someone else can never be mine ... but i still cant stop myself frm loving him ...I jsut want to be loved by him once even if its fr a moment ...n i will try for it till I am alive !!!
I know it sounds a bit childish, gross n filmy but Its true!!

I came across your post when I was googling for "one sided love". Great post, nicely written and very true. True to my life ... [:)]

i m in love with a girl who doesn't love me. she loves somebody else i know that but i still loves her very much and i ll always love her till end. I tried not thinking about about her but i cant help. i think she is the most valuable person in my life...

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I think that sometimes you are with people who you are in love with, but on the other hand, they are just used to having you in their lives. They enjoy or we can say love having you in their lives. They love going out to dinner with you, they love shopping with you, they love the help and support you offer them. I am going through the same situation with a girl. I am so in love with her, but she isn't. I still support her and am there for her. She loves this about me. She feels secure with me. She loves me as a personality, person, man, supporter, and many things that you love in a friend; But not as a lover. I know that I don't want to continue with her, cause at any point in life, she will find someone else that can support her the same way I do, plus the fact that she will be in love with him. I am using my story to give live examples. Sometimes one thinks, if the other side isn't in love with you, why are they still there? You think sometimes that you should leave this relationship, but wonder if it's Selfishness! Wonder if you can handle it? Wonder if the other side will fall in-love with you one day and you may regret that? I believe that you cannot make someone fall in love with you. You have the option to hang in there and wait, if you want. Life is like a corridor with doors on both sides. Those doors represent opportunities. Along our life walk, doors will close and open or open and close. We can stand in front of a door that closed for ever waiting for it to open again. It may open or may not.

well ...happens ...I am also victim of this situation...even she is my childhood friend i cant tell her about my feelings ...bcz i dont knw whats in her mind..she is faar from me and now her family wants her married..so finding boys for her. :( she is my good friend we were meeting in our vacation.every time i was missing her....now from last 4 yrs i love her very much. but i cant tell her ...

This one thing - u learn now - no matter what don't keep the truth from her - u've gotto let her know -the least. DO NOT let any rhoom for the time to come to tell u THAT U DIDN DO ENOUGH; its really important believe me..

I know exactly how that feels...me and this guy grew up together...and I had a crush on him since we met... gradually it turned into love. I've been in love 4 like eight years nd i just don't get how he feels about me. Sometimes he says really sweet things nd buy me presents and other times he just goes off and flirts with other girls which leaves me feeling upset. Apparently he is really popular with girls in his year level..so I really want to let go, but it just hurts even more to lose him.

I know exactly how that feels...me and this guy grew up together...and I had a crush on him since we met... gradually it turned into love. I've been in love 4 like eight years nd i just don't get how he feels about me. Sometimes he says really sweet things nd buy me presents and other times he just goes off and flirts with other girls which leaves me feeling upset. Apparently he is really popular with girls in his year level..so I really want to let go, but it just hurts even more to lose him.

Love - Still trying to unde

Love - I am still trying to understand it. Started as fun in grade X and now after 17 years, I still feel the pain. It brings a smile on the face but that pain associated with it doesn't go. What shall I say, Is it a blessing or ....... No can't call it a curse because even if it hurts I love to love him. I just can't imagine life without him but still living without him. He is in my dreams every week but still can't express it to him. How I wish that one day I can ask God why does he play with our hearts for amusement. I guess the answer I will get is, I wanted you to get closer to me. I wish he could give me a chance. I would have loved him any way.

i can definitely relate to your story! i know how hard it is to fall in love with a guy who doesnt love you... (sigh)i just hope we can choose the person to whom our heart would fall.... but thats ok, you just have ton enjoy the felings until it fades away... besides you judt have to trust God, perhaps He has better plans for you.. ^_^

I too am in that situation now. I fell i love with this guy and our lives could not have been better. We were so happy together but his timing always seemed to be off. One day I questioned him on it and that was all she wrote. He flicked off and it has bee down hill from there. I wonder was it always one sided and did I just not want to see the signs. I thing for sure and two things for certain I apologize to every guy I ever broke up with just cuz I didnt feel the spark. For I know now that heartbreak is a terrible thing to go through and I wouldnt wish it on the devil.....signed lost in love.....

I love a girl named anjali since my school days, but now i have passed out from school last year. so I can't tell her bcoz in school i never talked to her.

amf..... i know how it feels.... i this one girl.... so much..... but i always knew that she would never look at me the same way i look at her. Anyway time will do its job. That i know is true and will forever be true. Time will eventually fill the hole left. Someday... maybe not today or not tomorrow but someday.... the scars will fade away like time..

amf..... i know how it feels.... i like this one girl.... so much..... but i always knew that she would never look at me the same way i look at her. Anyway time will do its job. That i know is true and will forever be true. Time will eventually fill the hole left. Someday... maybe not today or not tomorrow but someday.... the scars will fade away like time..

YES. u sorta helped me, i am in the same boat but read my one and only blog and give me some advice. please

i wud say u have to stop lovin that person coz no matter wat it will jsut hurt u n ur soul wont affect to others or ur beloved one ;try to controll n cry over n over u have to get rid of ittt...

post: [well ...happens ...I am also victim of this situation...even she is my childhood friend i cant tell her about my feelings ...bcz i dont knw whats in her mind..she is faar from me and now her family wants her married..so finding boys for her. :( she is my good friend we were meeting in our vacation.every time i was missing her....now from last 4 yrs i love her very much. but i cant tell her ... ]

Posted by Anonymous ankit | 5:44 PM


tell her as FAST as you CAN TILL she falls in love with somebody else, cause after it happens you will have no chances left for survivor.

currently listening to:

"When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse.

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you." (Coldplay - fix you)

age: 18

sex: male

location: Georgia


hello boys and girls, men and women, i'd like to say some things about this type of love, if you fell in love with someone who isn't in love with anyone, make her/him be aware of your feelings till she/he falls in love with somebody.
if you won't pass ahead, your life would turn into the game where you can't win and you'll be hurt for years and maybe forever. if you fell in love with somebody who already loves someone, don't tell her/him ANYWAY! in this case you only can sit down and listen to he music that will try to fix you.

she's the sweetest girl i've seen, but she loves him and will love himtill the end.

you have to make choice on your own, make decisions how to survive while loving a person that doesn't love you. for example i write music an songs, so i express my feelings there and now i'm gonna be in love only with music. currently i feel like this : twf44gt4r9jugt0gtq=43t41=rcefw#EJKGTEF}KJTEFE#q232!@#$!!

"Love is not blind -- it simply enables one to see things others fail to see."

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." - Aristotle.


This exact same thing happened to me too. I was crazy about this guy and I felt that we were perfect together, unfortunately, that feeling was not reciprocated. You've done a wonderful job of putting into words how the individual in love would feel. Great post. Very sensitive and realistic. Keep writing.

one sided love isn't enough for real love, i thought exactly opposite before but now i think so.
Now i don't love her any more but we are great friends!
that's all i can say.

i m in love with a girl....who is nt in love with me...we were gud frnds...at a stage i propopsed her...she refused..then i rqusted her 2 keep de frndshp...she accepted it...but not 4m her mind..just not to disappoint me...at last i got that her slightest negligence is paining me...so i detach myself 4m her to make her comfortable in her life n 2 make myself steady...bt i dnt want to 4get her...i still love her 4m my insides.

I am 52 and have fell in love with the 23 old that cleans my house. When I first hired her I didn't even like her but started to get really attached to her and couldn't wait til cleaning day to be around her. It has turned into me adoring the ground that she walks on with her treating me like a father figure and genuinely so( (I think). I can not believe how love sick I have become. I can't eat, sleep or even concentrate. I think about her all the time and grieve because I know I can't have her. We have talked about my feelings and I think she understands but in the back of mind I wonder if she might not be a opportunist who likes me but at the same time is not going to turn down any favors which I have upped and done for her in the past when I knew she was having money problems. I can't believe I am this old and hung up on a woman 30 years my junior much less the fact that I am weak as water when it comes to her. The bottom line I would do anything to help anyone in need and especially someone that I love but I don't want to be used. I feel like I have been drugged and have lost all my common sense.

I'm just in the same situation with you :) ...
when you're trying for nothing,I know it hurts a lot but it hurts so bad when he's in-love with someone but not you ... !

I have been living my whole life using my head and not my heart. if i thought i was starting to like or love someone i would get out and make sure i dont fall for that person. And i feel like i should have given love a chance because now im 31 and single.

Great post!!!! I think everywun at some point in their lives have gone through this. take myself as an example. i worked with this guy and started falling for him and i thought he had feelings for me too. Everyone would say we would be a grt couple and the way he looked at me was priceless. Buh recently i found out he was seeing someone. So now i'm left here crying about him and wondering what i did wrong. I feel like he lead me on then changed directions. I'm going bac to skool so im not working with him anymore, but i noe i will have to face him again, when i return. It sucks but thats life right...

Im only fifteen but believe it or not i know what one sided love feels like. Its like an infection. Spreads to a disease (heartbreak) which seems impossible to get rid of. The longer you wait before trying to let go, the harder it becomes. I first met him on bebo (the social networking site) but he wasn't like some completely random person it turned out he was about to go into year 11 at my school. It was summer 07 and i was about to go into year 9. We got talking on bebo and added each other on msn and that. We used to talk for hours and flirt and he had a fantastic sense of humor. We went on webcam a few times and he looked gorgeous and he would always compliment me. After about a month as i got to know him better i began to like him and stupidly, he told me he liked me. But me being the shy type, wouldnt ask him out or like ask him to come out with me and my friends. He even once ventured to my house one night with his friend and kept ringing me to go out but i wouldn't cos i was so shy and was scared as fuck. That was when we had our first argument on msn. We didn't speak for a couple of days but then we were back to normal. He wasn't one of those lads who put about 30 girls on their pm (personal message) on msn he didn't speak much of girls or to his friends either and he wasn't romantic at all. He just had this wicked sense of humor and gorgeous blue eyes they just made me melt. September came and school started and i still hadn't spoken to him in person except on the phone. I always saw him at break and dinner and used to get butterflies every time. All that was running though my head was "Has he noticed me, Does he really like me back, has he told his friends about me?" My friends were all really childish mainly the lads and when he came near us used to shout "oh look emma its AAAIIIIIIDEEEnnnNnnnnN!" i was like stfu and i could tell it pissed him off. Then there was that one time near the cantine. Monday 24th September 2007. As i was going up the steps towards the butty bar he was coming down them and as i looked at him he looked back at me.. AND SMILED! my heart was like BOOM BOOM BASH BANG BANG THUMP!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't stop smiling all day and i was probably extremely hyper for about a week. I was in love. As the weeks progressed i used to shout his name and smile and he'd smile back and it was all gravy. But a few weeks later this interfering bitch thought she could have a go at me for liking him and it fucked up everything and i got upset about stupid things and did stupid things which pissed aiden off and he didnt like me anymore. It took a couple of weeks for us to be friends again but i still loved him. It was that christmas that i was sure i was in love. It was about 11pm or midnight and all the family were round at my aunties and i was drunk and was on my aunties laptop on msn. I couldn't even type properly fuck noes what i was saying to some people. I clicked on aiden and typed something like "do yoiuy not oloike me anyohmorw why?" and i just remember opening the convo and he had said, "i will always have feelings for you emma" i was like (L)(L) ! That was good enough for me i suppose. The day after there was a party at my house and maisie from next door came round and we were on msn and that and his name said something like. - Aiden ; - Sophie (L)
my heart sank. He had a girlfriend. Sophie Moffatt. The day after he made me so happy by saying he'd always have feelings for me he got a girlfriend. I cried for about 3 days but it didn't stop me loving him. They didn't last long though. About 2 weeks. After that we became much much closer friends and were at the "dont trust anyone else as much as you tell you everything" stage. It got to about June and he was gunna leave school in about 2 weeks. I was on a massive downer cos i would miss him so much. It was about 2 days before he left and he said some stuff on msn which i wish he hadn't cos it put like all my hopes up. '          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
and like
'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
like i said to danni
'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
u have been a big part of my life like since last summer
'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
and it does bother me when ur pissed off or annoyed
'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
which is mostly coz of me

'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
just want u cheer up
'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
pisses me offf coz
'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
longyd die if it got him a kiss off u
'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
im a dick
'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
nd i leav in less than 48 hours
-         émmaa            ;      sné??d?dls?é      ;         says:
yea like its just hit me about 5 minutes ago
-         émmaa            ;      sné??d?dls?é      ;         says:
i was wonderin when it was gunna hit me
'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
and hope i cause u no more pain as u dont deserve it
'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
u deserve happyness

'          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden            says:
i hope u kno il never forget u

At this time he had a girlfriend called Cath. Guess what. The day before he left we had the biggest argument we had ever had and i had never bin so upset in my life. He was leaving the day after and thats how we left it furious at each other mostly him at me. This is the last thing he said to me before he left: '          I Like The Way She Do It :P.. Aiden           :@ says:
ohhh fuck off uve choose ur side emma.
im finished wi u now thats it.
if ur telling me that u dont want me to call becky coz shes ur "mate" then thats who u stand by and i hope u and becky have a long lasting friendship because emma,
thats it now ive finished with you have a happy life.

The day after i was so so so miserable. Saw him loads but he wouldnt even look at me. I wanted it to be this massive hug saying bye. Just after dinner i started crying in D.T and had to be sent outside to calm down. A month later it was summer and again and we made up and were ok. I found out he lived near this field me and my mates used to always go on. So me and my two best mates went to the field and sat on the fence right infront of his house and suddenly his garage flung open and there he was ! i was like (L) He was helping his dad do something and he started throwin balls at us and it was funny then he had the hose pipe and was waterin garden and he went "emma come ere" (this is first time hed spoke to me in person) i was like NO WAY I ENT STUPID! but my two mates went emma dont be soft he wont do anythin. and ran over and he soaked um with hose pipe. We wanted to on a trek so we started walkin up the field and i turned round and he was walkin towards us smirking. then we realised he had a big ass watergun behind his back! hs chased us for about half an hour soaking us and it was hilarious. BEST DAY EVER. we had to walk like through hindley piss wet through. It was worth it though. Throughout summer we used to venture up near his and he was like so so so funny never laughed as much in my life and it was usually me him and dannielle. me and danni used to always take the mic out of his accent cos it used to go farmerish at the end on each sentance. It was so funny to torment him n'all and we had so so much fun. One day each week we used to go out and each time it made me love him even more. His eyes his hair his personality and the way he dressed just so so amazing i loved him. Then he started college and we still saw him but it was less frequent and we started dirfting appart. He began to ignore me on msn aswell. Until about a month or so ago he began flirting with me again and he was begging me to go on cam in my bra and that so i did and he was dead complamentative and we had lots of laughs on msn and that and it felt like the old times and i loved it. I got carried away with it. Then iy lead to me flashing my tits to him on cam and he was so nice and lovely (like anyone would) but like it made me love him more. I would do anything for him. He knew and understood i was trying to get over him but he didn't really help. Life to him was just fun and doing exciting things and not caring what they mean. He also said "next time you come out ill meet you. itll be fun yeah as a friendly thing and cos your fit yeah" (meet meening kissing with tounges) So by this i was so happy. This was about two months ago. I haven't seen him since. He was always busy and couldnt come out and was always out with his college friends. He has another girlfriend now, Nicola. We barely speak on msn either but i still can't let go of him. He's almost perfect in my eyes everything about him is just amazing and i want him so much. But i can't have him. Hes told me loads he doesnt feel the same way but hes nice about it. He would never purposly try to hurt me and we have our laughs now and again. Its not bin the same for a while though. Unfortunately, Im still in love.

Oh..god!! u're rite, it pain lyk hell...smtym i realy ask myself dat what was the fault of mine? Y i could nt get her eventhough i still love her unconditionally..nw smtym i feels i've reached at the peak of Madness...i just want her although i knw i can't...

love is so confusing, and i hate that it makes me feel hurt inside. i love her but she says she doesnt see me in that way, but loves me differently. But wen we are together we feel ineffably connected. we have so much in common, and id do anything for her. Theres one part of me that wants me to stop, but the other part wants me to not regret trying and fight for her. i cant stop finking about her, wen im not around, i just want to know wat she is finking and be the one for her. i dunno, is perservering a strength or a weakness? i just want these feelings to go and do sumfing, whether it may flourish with her or lost in a moment :( , i dont know wat to do :( i just want to hold her :') sorry if u fink i sound like a sad lonely fool lol, but i just cant help it with wat i have wit her. its like being so close with sumone, yet feeling so far......

I was in both situations, trust me, the only way that you can do is to get over with it.

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Does_one_sided_love_ever_work .. read here.


that situation definetly sucks, especially when they intentionally fuck with you and then run back to their girlfriend. then not call you or talk to you for months and expect you to be fine with it, but you cant help but go back to them because your so !@#$%^& in love with them. (bullet to the brain)

just dealt with a one sided love, loved a woman for several years, just never told her until recently. When I told her I even wanted to know her as more than a friend, she started to do so, but she went back to an ex and basically ripped my heart out and put it in a blender! now i am stuck with feelings, that will not go away, no matter how hard I try! is that love or is that just something that won't go away???

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This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm In Love with a girl for the past 3 years..but i not yet proposed her..and i'll never propose my love.she's good,mild,cute,beautiful,intelligent angel.but I know ,I'm not suited for her..I love him a lot,but i cant express,I always look at him..but i cant smile at her face.everyday im seeing her in clg..but i can't talk to him.becos she's not suits to me..! and she never loves me..!Im now In an abnormal condition...feeling my life in earth is a useless chapter..and every moment i live...Is Agony,every day,every moment,in every event I can't forget Her memories..only one yr remains to endup my studies.I don know weather after my clg life,i'll see him or not! but honestly i cant forget her till my death..I dont know how i'm goin to face life without her.,after she leaves,I lost everything...everything,my studies,my smile,my whole career..only her memories,my love and agonic tears Remains...In such type of situations There is no option xept
"failure" Isnt'it ? _AsithRam

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I wish not concur on it. I over polite post. Especially the title-deed attracted me to read the intact story.

i'm in a similar situation right now. when i asked the person i loved for advice, he said two things:
a) practical solution: forget him, because you'll just end up hurting yourself.
b) impractical solution: keep going for it until you hurt yourself or until he likes you back.

i wanted to cry. why does it have to be so hard?

Yup...its one hard feeling, difficult to come over guys. The 2 letter word "NO" , when u hear it from ur loved one.....u can feel ur heart cramping. Feel like accpeting no one in ur heart ever after. Longs only for loneliness.....and thats the only hope. Crap...its so powerful. Hope to gt rid of it soon.
Thanks for this post, atleast i can see some comments and glad that i am not alone.

Yup, been on both sides of the fence. My ex boyfriend was really in love with me but I didn't feel the same way. Now, I'm in love with this guy who doesn't feel the same way towards me. Karma really does exist. And I know I'm supposed to get over it, and move on but it's exactly like your quote. It's probably 99.99999% that he doesn't feel the same way, but there's always that 0.00000001% that he might wake up one day and realizes that he loves me too... So, I can't stop reaching for it.

I've been seeing my man for 10yrs and he told me that he loves me but not as a 'couple for life'. We have never lived together and seen eachother at weekends. He agrees with me that for more than 90% of the time we are content but he doesn't have the natural instinct to build a future with me. How can i let go of a man who has never disrespected me and has always treated me properly? It has made me ill, I have no appetite and don't want to socialise with anyone. I am currently signed of work for 4weeks.

He has admitted that he is probably damaged from his first relationship when he was 18yrs old (he's now 45). He has also had a relationship with someone for 12yrs and admits he never told her he loved her either.

I've suggested that he seeks out his first relationship to either progress this relationship or to close the door properly. I'm trying to make excuses for him eg is he having a mid life crisis???? He still wants us to speak and communicate but i'm not sure if this is his way of making it easier for him, any contact with him seems to help me. I don't know what to do...

Yes.. I have been in this situation.. It was probably one of the most painful experiences of my life to see the boy of my dreams fall out of love with me after being in a relationship for almost 3 years..but I did learn a lot..The funny thing is.. he came back to me and begged me to take him back and for sometime i toyed with the idea .. but it never worked for various reasons.. and I am a changed person now.its been 2 years since I even went out with anyone.( I hardly date and I wanna date someone only if I / we see something in the long term)..I am out of love with him.. but i wanna fall in love again..it was a great feeling...but I have become a little frightened coz the pain is kind of scary and i dont wanna feel that way again..

i havent had too much luck though..after 2 years i met another guy recently and we went out on a date and everything was perfect and then he wanted to kiss me and I never realized that I would ask him to wait for sometime.. (coz it was just a kiss).. and you know as luck would have it.. he never called me again.. I feel like kicking myself for having been uptight and reserved with such a nice guy..but these are all good learning experiences and I hope to be positive and cheerful and love deeply and passionately when I meet someone again..

I'm only 14 but i know what this feels like. I just recently realized im in love with one of my best friends but she told me she likes someone else and i dont want to tell her because i dont want things to be awkward between us since i know she will only ever love me as a friend. it sucks.

its hell...guys..please try to come out of this..!!!

I was 13 years old when it happened and now i am 16 years old. I don't know what to do now? He is my consin and I know himm as a brother. We don't talk too much. We have same Horochope. I don't sleep all night because i know that he is in pain and why in pain Because he had a operation of has right hand this last week, He had farachared three times his right hand.I am shy to tell him about this love.

I was 13 years old when it happened and now i am 16 years old. I don't know what to do now? He is my consin and I know himm as a brother. We don't talk too much. We have same Horochope. I don't sleep all night because i know that he is in pain and why in pain Because he had a operation of has right hand this last week, He had farachared three times his right hand.I am shy to tell him about this love.

i know the feelings..haha..XD

Oh yeah and im worried Bc hes kind of unstable and if ur wondering why I like a guy like that its bc hes funny and kind and has a gorgeous smile that makes me smile to and I cant get him off my mind its making me loose my appetite and I cant stop seeing his face in my mind and hes been gone from school for a week so I'm rly worried but I dont think I can do anything to help...

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I fell in love with a coworker who also became a good friend and expressed my feelings for her but as it turns out not only did she not love me but was also not a friend as she went on to unbuttoning another guys shirt right in front of me.....prisoner of my passion

Itz betr 2 4rgt dat prsn coz he's nvr gna luv u bac....

Reading this was liking readin my life story. He loves me but is not in love with me. Yet, he doesn't want me dating anyone else. He calls me every day and sees me when he and I can. He is supportive, has helped me through some very rough times. He knows I am in love with him, but he thinks of me as a great friend. We dated just out of high school, then almost 40 years after got together and have been together for the past 6 years. We are very comfortable with each other. Have never felt this way before. I love him but I need love also.

I'm 19 (almost 20) and he is 25 (almost 25) yet Its was love at first sight when i 1st meet him when he started working with me. He is my dream guy. I tried to get to know him but things just become awkward after he told me out of blue in a text that He only sees me as friend. I guess he might have read the expression on my face whenever he is with me.But I still liked him even after he told me that their was this girl he liked and he was going to ask her out. I wised him good luck and cried so much at work and i fell a sleep crying my heart out. Every time i saw him talking to her, my heart hurt so much because every though it pained me, i just wanted him to be happy. Whenever I see him at work he makes my heart beat so fast, I falling deeper inlove him each day. Its a one-sided love. He is my first love. Im to scared to confess to him because im scared of rejection, but i wish he knew how much i love him and how much he means the world to me..It hurts whenever i think about you, Its hurts so much that i don't exist in your world, But I still love you so much David! its been almost 9 months now since i first fell inlove with you.

hi, i know i m too late to comment but i want to ask you did you ever forget him,becauze i know so many people com into your life but you can't forget that person for your whole life.i am also going through this for last two years its so painful everytime you break your heart telling him he is not yours,and you have make a fake ignoring smile when ever you meet that person,but tell me one thing some times its so confusing his eye are saying somthing different and his lips different,every time you make fool your self that may b in his heart he has some feeling for us but after little time passes he do somthing that you become angery on your self of your false feeling why is that so...

Probably your asking too much for nothing. Instead of looking for what is not there, I suggest you show him reasons why he should love you more. Take a different step, perhaps your going to the path he doesn't like. Like do skydiving, i don't literally mean that is. I mean do something amazing that would change everything. Hope that helps, love can't just be seen in the eye, it is tested through times when love is needed most, coz only time can tell the value of what love really is.

Yeah guys. I know. But me had a first love + one sided love simultaneously. Trust me guys when this happens you dont know whatz next. But by now ive decided to never meet her again and virtualize her in my mind and be happy with her. :-(........ I really dnt know why did that happened. After being to forget for abour one year i still cnt forget her. I guess this is my destiny. I just wanna say that for those who got their love please treat her like a princess.

I have been on this present situation nearly two years but guyzz don't give up becoz its worth to give ur lifetime to ur dear... The worst part is that we can't control our feeling towards to our dear. I know it is very hard beacause sometimes I slapped myself in the mid night sleep, unconsciously tears roll down in my cheeks. I think it is the greatest pain and greatest challenge in my life. We kniw she has also love with us so we need to just wait for the right opportunity.....i have been waiting and waiting... The main reason is that " I can't accept I am a loser in my goddamn it life"

HE had a crush on me when we were kids, though he was 3 years older,crushed bk, then we parted ways, moved onto someonelse and realised that guy was just a rebound, when the 2nd guy and i parted ways, it didnt hurt and i couldnt care less our friends were tryingto get us bk coz i was still in love with the 1st guy, so waited a few years, contacted him, we started chatting on the phone,even met once, as he was located out of our city now,he had almost gotten engaged to someone, arranged match,but backed out, i pushed him about it,after that no matter how much i called or apologised, he ignored me,changed his no, bumped into him few months later, he was on a date, he walked past me like i was invisible, so I moved to another country for 3 years,met other guys, i m back in our city now, unable to commit to anyone or move on, no matter what i try, 30 and single, new year s resolution to find any guy that can distract me even if its for a sec, and make me forget him

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My girlfriend recently broke up with me for reasons that i do not know but its like everytime i think about her my heart goes from "slow walk" to"50 yard dash" i was so sad that i cried myself to sleep that night . I wish things could be diffrent but life has to screw us over dosent it?

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