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Monday, August 07, 2006 

I tried, I really did!

I just couldn't help it. Its like a car accident you don't want to look but you just have too! I sat there and I watched and even when I was mortified I still watched and I am planning to watch again.... Yes I saw the "Flavor of Love season 2". I know, I know its crazy but I couldnt pry myself from the screen... I need help

I didn't even try to look away LOL...I was crackin up from the time oh girl was beating up the chic that was sitting on her bed to the part when Sumthin...did a lil something on the stairs LOL

I myself tried to turn the channel BUT I COULDNT!! I watched and when somethin did her "thang" I couldnt believe it, i was shocked, appaled, speachless yet i can't wait to see next weeks episode! LOL WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!

I feel you. There are so many reasons I told myself that I wouldn't watch, but when it came on I was glued to the television. I'm so ashamed!!! LOL

i can help all of you for a small fee. I am a licenced physician but I guess i would need help to myself because i watched it also. so sorry cant help you. we are all on our own on this one. we are officially addicts now. is it me or was last year cast better people better looking just better all together. still addicted lol.

Girl i had Vh1 Send me a text reminding me to watch it..and even if its about entertainment and not about love.....its great!!!!

No need to be ashamed. I've been waiting on this season ever since they announced there would be another one. That's quality entertainment! "Want some lip chap?" LMAO!

And Sumthin...that chick is NASTY! Did she not have panties on or something? I hope she doesn't think that Flav (or any other man in his right mind) is really gonna want her sh***y a**!

LMAO...girl ur so crazy!

Oh yes, you're not the only one sista! I keep telling everyone that when "Somethin'" took a poo-poo on "Foofy's" steps, I was stunned. And not in a good way.

girl how about i watched my DVRd version last night and have my mom hooked now! LOL

I am usually gone until late and don't watch much TV.

Sidebar: I'm not one of those philosophicizin folks talking about the evils of TV. I watch it, just as I do listen to the radio, and other activities, I'm usually just doing something else when I get home, and it's more like background noise.


Can you PLEASE tell me what types of hormones are being released through my TV that paralyzes me and prevents me from doing anything while this show is on? I just saw the repeat of it last night. The whole time I'm sitting there reciting some mantra about turning.

It never happened.

I knew I was going to watch it....I just relax and don't answer the phone. The first show wasn't all that hot. My favorite part was when she told the white girl not to bother her when she was praying so "God won't order her to beat her ass". Plus, I didn't think expensive ass weave looked like yarn...all frizzy and shhyt?!

Hey I watch both DMX & Keisha Cole, so pass the crack pipe :)

You can't pay me to move away from that television on Sunday night...that one girl praying and Sumthin doing the doo on herself...this show is unbelieveable.....

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