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Monday, August 14, 2006 

A party, the ex-wife and MIKE oh my!

So this weekend was my husband's god-daughter's graduation/off to college party. If you’ve read my blog you know that although there is no beef between me and the ex-wife there is very little conversation either. Well this pass weekend to my surprise she and I actually had several conversations….. I was taken aback a bit but it was cool and I left feeling like it was genuine.

They hand a palm reader at the party and everyone got their palm read. I can't lie I was a little skeptical at first but this lady told me things that she could not have known unless she was living in my head. Im still a little freak out about it.

Ok can I just tell you the party was alcohol free for the most part aside from wine, sangria and MIKE's Hard LEMONADE. Ok, so Mike’s only has 5% alcohol in it so we deduced that the chances of getting twisted on Mike’s are slim. You would have to drink about 15 to get fucked up….. Not true you could get fucked up only drinking 7! Yeah I was tipsy by the 7th(I lost count after that)I realized this when I tried to push open a door clearly marked PULL. Yeah that’s when I new I had had enough of MIKE.

It was a really good party and My husband got a chance to see his god-daughter before she left for college and I got to chit-chat with the ex. Were not friends but were clearly not enemies.

So how was your weekend?

Hey there!!!!!! Watch your mouth. You can never get enough "Mike". ;-)

BTW, three straight, non-sex related posts? Are you ok?

NExt time u gotta go HARD!!!!!!.....What school is his god daughter going to? Good u and the ex misses got along......aint nothing wrong with being cordial.....

My weekend was alright noting to BLOG about...oh besides the Blogger get Down

this must've been the weekend for graduation/going away to college parties. I'm so proud of these childrens! lol

Hmmmmm...Mike. Ummm my bad. No NOT that Mike. Thaaaaat Mike. *LoL

What's up girl. . .What you know bout Mike's hard lemonade, yo?

@ Jo I can't take it....What a puta!!!! ;o) ROFLMAO

Im mad at you MsnHim, you was supposed to go into detail about what yall talked about, unless it was just small talk ie "weather, sports, kids".....

And what did the palm reader tell you?????

@ Robert Mack ... we kept the conversation light nothing major. And I may do a post about the palm reading

Well at least there's no drama between you and the Ex!

And you after 7 drinks...whooo girl. That reminds me of my b-day when I had 9. I was out for the count that night!

seven drinks...c'mon now!

BTW, I am back!

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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