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Thursday, August 24, 2006 

Sex on the brain… yeah I know big surprise

So I was sitting around thinking about some the things that I haven’t done sexually that I would like to try, like sex in a public place for example and elevator Ala Fatal Attraction, when it dawned on me, how would people I know view me if they new the things that went on in my bedroom. For example you find out that your friend was in a threesome, does that change how you see that person now? I mean Im sure by freaky standards Im pretty tame but what if I wasn’t. Will people now look at me differently? And really what is the fasination with the sex lives of others?

People will look at you funny regardless of your actions. Whether you fucked in an elevator emptied or full of people. Be you just be carful on who you want tell. thats the best answers. we have different people in ours lives for differet reasons ie; coversation, hanging out, partying, work, the gym, the phone etc etc etc.


I agree with anonymous if you tell your business to a bunch of judgemental people then guess what........they will judge you!

I say do you and what makes you happy. It's your life and you get only one chance to live it!

I say live it with no regrets. People are going to talk regardless of what you do or don't do....I say fugg um! :)


I agree people are gonna talk regardless of what you do or don't do. I believe half of the people who judge people are the ones that are haters. They wish they could do half of the things some of us have or do, or sometimes they just got nothing else better to do then to talk about everybody else LOL. You do you ma and fuck what people say or don't say, just tell them to where a H on their chest LOL.

I think that people think dif of you when they find out stuff that you've done and of course it shouldn't be that way but they are gonna judge you which is why sometimes I keep things from my friends

We are all sexual beings I say do what you do as long as your happy as long as it don't hurt no one LOL

You have two opinions to worry about - yours and your mans. Who cares what other people think. Your true friends will not think any less of you. A wise man once said "Be who you are and say how you feel because those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind."

I agree with everyone on here, Do what you want to do, in the end all that matters is what you think.

i think you should do what makes u happy regardless of what others will think b/c at the end of the day it should be about you.. and not the opinion of others about you..

plus people will look at you crazy if you fucked in a private place (like wow) or not (like she's not living life!) you cant please everybody

I get freaked out when i see pregnant teachers..for some reason, i dont think tehy shoudl be humping.......

I find that most people who talk about sex so much are not really happy with their sex lives or sex. Not to judge you, but maybe you should take a look into yourself to see why you are so into sex. Could it be cause you don't get enough?

@ Anonymous... If I talk about sex alot its cause I find all aspects of sex interesting not cause I’m not getting enough... on the contrary I get it too offend but I believe when your in a long relationship (almost 14 years) you have to explore new things. If I bring up a "sex" topic on my blog its cause I would like to get the opinions of others who have maybe done something I am writing about and can shed some light or to see where individuals stand on certain Ideas.

I have a couple of freaky friends, so I am not surprised at some of the stories they tell me. But as for me, I am tamed to say the least, but I do have a few things that I want to try...

My friend called me at two thirty in the morning and told me she was involved in a threesome (another lady and some dude).

MAN! She has did it twice since then and is twisted. She doesn't even want to mess with him unless there is that chick involved in the equation.

Do I listen to her squalid stories?


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