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Monday, June 27, 2005 


Sex is good
Sex is fine
Doggy style or
Sixty nine......

Yes sex is wonderful but why is it that when you not "in the mood" you get the look. The WTF? look. Like there is something wrong with you. Why cant we just say " not tonight honey" with out that being the start of world war III.

You see when women are having issues, that effects the rest of us. If your having problems and work, issues with the kids. or your in a serious financial situation, that effects your ability to relax and therefore be " in the mood".

Not men. They could have the cops at their door to pick them up on a warrant and they still want to get some. Now Im going to say it WTF? Why do you act like your the only person in the world not getting it tonight? STOP IT !!!! Move on cause if you keep up this attitude the next time you'll see it is CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


GIRL I FEEL YOU ON THIS ONE! As soon as you don't want to do it they start with harrassing you and telling you what is going to happen if you don't give it up. I even try telling his ass when I am most horny **Before Menstrual and After!** You think he gets the picture? HELL NO! I feel you sista girl...

Girl this post could have been written by me. You have taken the words out of my mouth.

Excellent post!!!

I must be sick.LOL cause I always want it!!! MY DRUG OF CHOICE!!!

I laughed when I read this. But the last guy that I was with, I thought that I had to tell him to take a break, he had to beg me that 4 rounds was enough for him. Damn, I guess I do need it more than he does.

I swear this post could've been written by me as well.... my husband DOES NOT understand that when you piss me off or we argue about dumb shit(which we do quite often) I do NOT want ANY. And if I do, i can just as quick go get some batteries rather than deal with your ass.... I feel you. But they don't get it *shaking my head*

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