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Thursday, August 17, 2006 

Why the Drama?

So Last night I had to go through a touch of drama Here is the story,

My sister went left her son with me cause she was going on a trip today. No problems there but last night a get a phone call from his father asking to speak with him, still no problem (side note: My nephew didn’t want to speak with him but I thought he should just so that his father knew he was ok) After about 10min I hear my nephew say “ Its 8:30 and I’m in my PJ’s I’m not going down now” So to that I tell him “ your not going down now”. So apparently Psycho ( as he will be known for the rest of this post) tells him to get dress and come down, to this my nephew tells him “my aunt said I can’t go so im not going”. Now I decided to nip this in the bud so I get on the phone

Me: he’s not going down now

Psycho: What the fuck you mean he’s not coming down? tell him I said to get dress

Side note: now I was trying to be nice, stay neutral but this ass was messing with the wrong one.

Me: What part didn’t you FUCKING understand? The he’s not or going down? Do you need me to say the shit is Spanish?

So now where going back and forth with some severe choice words till I got fed up and hung up on him. Do you believe this MF came to my House?!!! Oh Hell NO!!! Now I wanted to just call the cops and be done with it but my husband was having none of that.

Husband: What the fuck is your problem?

Psycho: I want my son, ya’ll cant keep him Im his father!

Husband : He aint going not where so your wasting your fucking time ( followed by a shuv) Get the fuck away from my door!

So Psycho scurried his as off. To make sure that he didn’t return I let him know that I was calling the cops. Ok can I just tell you the cops showed up at my house an 1/1/2 later! So much for the NYPD!!!!

So now I have to keep my nephew indoors for the next few days so that Psycho doesn’t tryto snatch him off the streets!

Why must people bring drama to my door???

I'm the first one....Wooo Whoooo!


I do not understand people at all. When you said no and hung up, why didn't brotha man get the picture!!

Apparently he needed it drawn out and colored for him to understand.

The sad thing about it is, he was not thinking about his son or anyone else just his damn sad ass self!!!

Sorry to hear you had to take it there girl! *smile*

You did the right thing though.


That is some crazy stuff...if he was gonna act like that why did he not make arrangement with your sister to see him before hand...this is when things go bad when other family members get forced into the matter...your husband should have kicked his monkey ass...I know he probably wanted to.

I am so sorry you are having to deal with drama like this. Dude need to check himself and recognize he is looking really bad and being a very bad example for his son.

You did absolutely right. He was pyscho.

This dude sounds like a real asshole.

I'm laughing at your husband pushing his ass...haha...he got punked!

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